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We need councillors who will stand up for the people of Brent

Come to TUSC Brent public Meeting on Tuesday 23rd July, 7.30pm

Torch Pub: Function room, 1-5 Bridge Rd, Wembley, Middlesex, HA9 9AB, Nearest tube station: Wembley Park on the Jubilee line.


A good selection of speakers that have stand for the people of Brent will be speaking at the meeting. Hank Roberts known for whistleblowing over the £1.9 million bonus scandal at his school, was suspended but ultimately reinstated and victorious. Isabel Counihan-Sanchez and her fight for affordeable housing and others speakers that are fighting the cuts will tell us why we the people of Brent need to stand for next year elections.

Steve HedleyRMT Assistant General Secretary
Hank Roberts Association of Teachers and Lecturers, ATL National President and Brent ATL Secretary (speaking in a personal capacity)
Helen Davies – Barnet UNISON and UNISON NEC (speaking in a personal capacity)
Nancy TaaffeTUSC candidate in GLA, library worker made redundant through cuts
Isabel Counihan-SanchezCounihan Sanchez Housing Campaign

The Con-Dem government’s austerity program is destroying public services and the pillars of the welfare state.

The NHS, schools, social services, council housing are all being chopped or privatised. From pensions to tuition fees, frozen wages to benefit cuts – ordinary people are facing severe difficulties.

Not a single council has stood up against the cuts.

Brent’s Labour Council is failing to protect the people who elected them. It doesn’t have to be like this. The money is there – just half of the £13 billion the Office for National Statistics officially recorded as being paid out in city bonuses in 2011-12, for example, would have been more than enough to avoid all the council cuts made that year.

Councillors have a choice.

They don’t have to vote for cuts. Even if just a handful of councils defied the Con-Dems and refused to implement the cuts – and linked with the growing opposition of trade unions, young people, and community campaigners – the government could be made to back down and fund council services properly.

But it needs people to come forward as council candidates to put that case.

In May 2014 there will be elections across London, including Brent. We want to elect councillors who will build up the fight against the cuts by refusing to implement them.

Are you prepared to be a candidate in these elections? Or at least build support in your trade union or your local community for candidates who will fight back? Get involved in a serious discussion about how we can do this.


About tuscbrent

THE TRADE Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) was set-up in 2010 to enable trade unionists, community campaigners and socialists to stand candidates against the pro-austerity establishment parties.



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